Bullying in schools.!

Nowadays bullying is a common sight wherever but specially in schools. But what does bullying means? There are many children who try to scare their peers either with physical or with mental violence. Most of the time victims who recieve  the first kind of violence say that when another child hurts them unconsciounsly, the pain which victims fell is less than mental violence, because the infections  which those children recieve are more powerful than anything else.

So, the only thing we can imagine about bulskers is that whatever the do opposed to their peers is  either because of  jelous them or because they believe that it is a good deal to break out about their countless problems they might face in their families.

Nevertheless in my opinion,  we must make the desicion kai make sure that we want to give a hand in those ”bad” children. We should say them that bullying other children isn’t  true because all of us have the same rights. It isn’t polite to scare our peers because we have problems with our families, our friends or whatever. If this is the case of bullying the best thing those children can do is talking to someone who can advice them what’s true to do to overcome anything and be happy again.!

Bullying: a threat in our lives

In our days bullying is encountered everywhere, especially at school. Every day, many victims become victims of bullying.

Sometimes, bullying has bad effects on the victim. Many children are abused by  bigger and stronger peers. The reason is often jealousy and need for self-recognition.

In my opinion, the victims must speak to their parents in order to find a way this behavior. Also, they should not believe what the bullies say about them but believe in themselves and their skil Finally, a good idea is to ask their teachers to punish the bullies.

Bullying is not a solution

Nowadays, the number of people who have faced such a similar situation has  increased. Many people put the blame on the teachers who don’t do anything or the friends of these children who affect them by changing their minds and making them behave badly.

From a small age children use violence at schools. In my opinion, small children are affected either from their family, or their friends. According to research,  bullies have problems with their families. If  parents don’t know how to control difficult situations at home, then they choose violence in order to deal with them. Bullying isn’t a solution, though!

There are lots of kinds of intimidation. I believe that the most dangerous one is the internet. For example, bullies can create a fake profile using your name and personal information. Another danger is that they can copy your photos and paste them in different sites. Another kind of bullying is the use of mobile phones when used for threatening others.

Furthermore, the government should enforce some strict laws to stop bullying. For example, police officers should arrest them and take them to a psychologist  so as to understand the consequences of their victims’ problems.

To sum up, if you know a bully you should advise him to visit a psychologist before he is arrested. Otherwise, you should be very careful with these guys and avoid them.

Bullying Everywhere

Nowadays, bullying has reached epidemic levels. Many kids become bullies because they have bad relationships and communication problems with their parents. Moreover, bullies are usually strong, big and older students, they have popularity, but not many real friends. What’s more, they have experienced violence at home and they have physical problems.

There are many kinds of bullying such as: physical violence, phychological violence, sexual body language, cyber bullying and calling names. The victims of bullying are usually weak and they have low self-esteem. They are ugly, short and fat, they have different colours, country and religion. They suffer from phychological problems and experience racial comment.As a result, the victims give up school, they are afraid, they are unsociable, they have bad marks and they suffer from depression, sleeping disorders and stomach or head aches.

Consequently, they hate and abandon school while they scars in their soul and heat stay there forever. So, we should all do something to stop bullying in our schools.

Bullying can happen to you…

An anti-bullying song

Award-winning pop/rock brother duo, Dalton (aged 13) and Dylan (aged 11) composed, recorded and wrote together the lyrics to this original anti-bullying song which became the soundtrack of a British anti-bullying documentary called “Bullied to silence”.

Enjoy the wonderful lyrics and keep in mind the messages
against bullying that the song conveys…

Bullying is not cool…it’s cowardish and cruel…

Every child has the right to feel safe, happy, loved and respected.
So, bullying has no place in our schools and in our lives.
It can cause enormous, irreversible and eternal
pain, anxiety, loneliness, despair and fear to someone.

If you are a target of bullying don’t blame yourself!

Remember that students who bully just

  • *pretend they are tough
  • *try to get others like them
  • *need to hide their own fears
  • *want to copy others who bully

simply because… they are unhappy
and they don’t like who they are…

Don’t just witness….Do something!

“The world is a dangerous place
not because of those who do devil,
but because of those who look and do nothing”.

Albert Einstein

Stop being a by-stander!
Make a difference and stand up for those who are being bullied.
They will remember you forever…

An anti-bullying poem…

I went to school smelling the fresh air.
Then as I sit down,
the Sun’s powerful and harmful rays hit like a stream of lighting 
during a storm.

They hit quicker and quicker,
calling me names,
insulting me like I was a star,
weak, insignificant and helpless.

But I, a helpless star,
am a very important part of our solar system.
I am larger than you see me to be.
I am a bright shining ball of plasma,
and I shine stronger than any.

You are the sun
You are big and powerful and try to get me to do as you want
You are bulkier,
you burn in a fiery ball, waiting to mimic more helpless stars
but we burst into flames
we defend ourselves from your insulting and strong rays.

We grab our shields and block ourselves from being hit
we won’t take pain
We are stronger and better than you
You just don’t believe it

Make your school an anti-bullying zone….

The 1st-year students of Agios Myronas Senior High School in Crete are fighting against bullying with the following slogans

“We must respect and tolerate all our classmates regardless of their religion, color, nationality, or physical differences, and protect them from being bullied”, John and Valantis

“Stop and think before you bully. Your words or actions can hurt other people. Show sympathy to your peers”, Haroula and Manolis

“We must respect other people’s diversity. Never humiliate or discriminate people from other countries”, Maria Ch. and Sofi

“Don’t be a bystander at bullying. Help the person who accepts bullying and act as an ally”, George, Kostas and Zaharis

“Don’t look down on people or students who are different from you because they have capacities, too. Don’t tolerate whatever bullies do to you and react”, Markelian and Paris

” We shouldn’t harass or humiliate other students because it can happen to us, as well”, Manos and Maria F

” Don’t have stereotypes and prejudice against students from other countries or with different beliefs”, Fenia and Sofia

Our advice to bullied students:
*Remember that being different is what makes you special!
*Love yourself and believe in your power!
*Don’t let the bullies make you the target of their aggressiveness!

*if you are surrounded by true friends nobody can harm you

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